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Learn to speak fluently with confidence

We get it practicing speaking is HARD...

There's so much to worry about: 

  • Am I making sense

  • Are my grammar and pronunciation correct? 

  • Is this how a native would express this? 


So you get too scared to speak Mandarin hoping that with enough self-study you'll magically get fluent.


But trust us, we hate to say it...that won't happen!

Now just imagine for a second, what would happen if you could speak fluent Mandarin confidently knowing that you were expressing yourself just like a native speaker. Think about how that would feel...

  • You would be able to speak to natives knowing that they'll understand you 

  • You could travel around Chinese speaking countries with confidence 

  • You could make friends in the language


To achieve this you need two key elements:




A patient native speaker                               High quality feedback 


This is really difficult to find which is why we spent years trawling through online tutor apps to find the very best out there.  Mandarin tutors with a proven track record of taking students from intermediate mediocrity to amazing confidence!

Topic-based conversations           Feedback              Native Audio Files

1. Our tutors will converse with you on a topic of your choice, teaching you new relevant vocabulary and phrases along the way. 

2.  Pronunciation and grammar mistakes will be corrected on the spot, showing you where you slipped up so you can improve. 

3. They will then record and send you mp3 audio files of the correct way of expressing that specific idea so you can learn to speak natural Chinese! 

How it works: 

We have limited places...get your spot now! 

Our tutors can only take on a limited number of students so act fast to get your place! 

Meet Our Tutors 

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The first step is to book a trial session to make sure our tutors are the right fit for you.


Enter your name, email and type 'TRIAL' in the message box so we can get you a trial lesson arranged. 

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