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Masterclass | Thinking in Chinese

When attempting to speak the language, most Chinese learners think in English first, before translating the words one by one to Chinese in their head and saying them out loud. This leads to frustration as the translation process takes time and effort, preventing you from engaging in free-flowing conversation. Fortunately, there's another way. You can train yourself to think in Chinese! All the best Mandarin speakers produce the language on autopilot. Fully formed Mandarin phrases and sentences pop into our heads spontaneously, allowing us to chat away to our heart's content, just as we do in our native language. In this Masterclass, we'll spell out the techniques you need to switch your internal thinking patterns to Chinese mode when engaging in conversations. Our video, text, and image presentations in English, along with native Chinese audio clips, enable you to complete the Masterclass at your convenience. After completing the Masterclass, you'll have gained... ✓ An understanding of how to break down and construct Mandarin sentences ✓ Knowledge of how to train yourself to think in Mandarin using sentence structures ✓ A bank of common Chinese sentence structures with audio We're so confident our methods work, that we promise to give you a full refund on any product you're not satisfied with within 60 days of purchase, making it totally risk-free. To claim a refund just email and we'll process your request. Sound good? Follow these quick steps to sign up and access your Masterclass. 1. Click 'Sign Up' below and create a Peak Mandarin account through which you'll access your Masterclass. To sign up, enter your email address and create a password, or click the Facebook icon to connect your Facebook account to the site. 2. Next, you'll be asked to enter your payment details. 3. After payment, you'll see a link to access your Peak Mandarin account. This link will also be emailed to you. Click the link and access your Masterclass.


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